Tribe Reunite

Walking down on a busy street with your brother who suffers from expression deficiency. You loose attention for a fraction of time to attend an important call or something and he sees a person with interesting toys, gets dragged towards that (him or them? instead of that). He’ is not with you anymore. You look around, run in unknown directions, ask people with an image on phone, “Have you seen him”, “Have you seen this kid”? Some of them are not interested, some have more important work(so they think) to do. Some of them do want to help and ask you to send him that pic for their reference. You gave them the pic, but oh no, in hurry you forgot to tell them how to contact you and moved ahead. In time crucial(critical or sensitive?) moment like these, you definitely do not want to go back and find them, to give contact detail. No.

“Evitable loss, of a person/thing can be prevented if a full scale action is taken quickly”. With this idea in mind we created “Tribe Reunite”.

We have developed this application for both major mobile platforms which are iOS and Android. Go ahead and install it.

While doing some research we found that in alone in India there have been more than 4,00,000 missing person (source reports from in past 7 years. Stats are more horrifying in-case of children. One of the leading NGO working for child care and development CRY (Child Rights and You) ( have stated after one of their survey “150 child goes missing every day”, and to point it out again these facts are from India only.

With Tribe Reunite we are trying to connect people those who care. “Care enough”, to keep an application, on their smartphone, check when a post for a missing person arrives, and inform if they find something. Initially, we are rolling out a system that just takes all basic information which is necessary to find someone?. This information will be:

  • Good front facing picture
  • Details which poster thinks will be needed, to find the “lost”, you can always take reference from already available posts
  • Last seen location, to help individual to narrow down the search location

Once that is done, just keep track of your surrounding and check with Tribe Reunite when you think you have found what someone is “Looking For”, or you think should be “Reported” to the system. Be decent while doing so.

We have so many things in our mind while we expand. But right now we are keeping application really simple, everything is up to you, no unnecessary notification or pushing you towards doing anything. Just have a look at application once when your day start, open it up again if you see a potential missing person/thing and report or communicate with the one who has posted or reported. That will be all. We are also open to all and any suggestion. To suggest you can text us directly from the application or here. I always try to keep up.

I will end this article by pestering you one more time, “if you have felt, or can imagine how it feels like, to be apart from what you are attached, emotionally. Please come forward and help”.