The RPTRNCamera Component

Our team has created a camera component that can be used in any react-native project by simply integrating the class named MediaCapture in your project and navigate to that it. You will find this component inside the media-capture.js class.

Since this component is eloped using a core camera component designed by react-native teams hence it does not require any third party node module o be installed in your project. Once you have called the component you will receive a media response in the following format.

{ key: '6c16e16b-ed90-8893-84bc-ae25a8e0badc',
     type: 'local',
     fileType: 'image',
     path: 'file:///data/user/0/com.technologies33.RNCustomCamera/cache/1599485502327.JPEG',
     width: 450,
     height: 600,
     fileName: '1599485502327.JPEG',
     size: 23168     

That then can be used in the system or for uploading to the server. This component provides:

  • Image capture,
  • Image selection
  • Long press to capture timed video

Complete Source Code with an example project.

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