Phillips Hue, Setup With Mobile Hotspot

What is Phillips Hue?

As defined by the Phillips hue web site. “Philips Hue is your personal wireless lighting system that lets you easily control your light and create the right ambiance for every moment. Bring your smart home to life with the most connected light in the world“. Now, what does that mean for a programmer? For a programmer, it is a combination of devices that responds to the Zigbee protocol.

I started with a minimal start-up kit. Just one bulb and a bridge. Bought it from amazon at a 10% discount. So the bridge is not actually needed if you want to control your light using Apple home, Alexa, Google Home, or any other 3rd party tool. But if you want to use the Phillips Hue application and controller the light from it using your phone then it is a good idea to have the bridge. My Setup requires the bridge.


Most of you must be thinking why would someone want to do that? I mean if you don’t have the wifi router why the hell does you wanna set up a wireless system as wifi router the core of any wireless system.

Well if you have an internet connection with a wifi router and you are asking this question then, man you have plenty of free time in your hand aye. 😀 If you are the other kind then I want you to be a believer. That yes you can use a wireless system that includes a Phillips hue bridge and bulbs.

Now other why might be for the usability of this stuff. I am using it for development needs you can have your own idea of it. They normally sell it for so many reasons so one must fit your agenda. I am trying to build an application that will allow daylight simulation. In my home office.

The Key

The Key to all the set up is a network extender with an ethernet port. Why ethernet port is a necessity because Phillips Hue Router needs an ethernet port to connect with its network and controllers.

I have used TP-Link TL-WA855RE N300 Universal Wireless Range Extender but you can choose one that you prefer.

I know with the user with this extensive need of an internet router one question is always there. I am definitely going to get a broadband connection in the near future, this seems like an extraneous expense. believe me, I thought about it and it is not. I had a broadband connection and the router doesn’t have reach in the entire house. So it will be a really useful device later as well. 🙂

Lets Set up

In order to perform setup, you will at least need 2 mobile phone devices. Don’t worry you can use your family’s or friend’s device if you want to use your phone as a hotspot as the setup is a one-time process.

  • Set up your network extender with your phone’s hotspot.
  • Connect all the devices with this extender, these will include
    • Phillips Hue Bridge: Connect with the ethernet cable to the extender
    • Your friend/family’s phone needs to connect with extender’s wifi network
  • Add bulb that you want to control using the bridge to the electric holder

Now install Philips hue application (from respective store to apple and android applications) follow the steps setup bridge and Voila you can control your bulb using your phone.

How cool is that?


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