iOS (10)​, makes an iOS coder’s life easy. Know Why.

It took me around a week to get through all the WWDC videos. Thanks to Ohochuck for his great swiftscript which helped me to download all WWDC 2016 video locally and watch it even when I am travelling.

Undoubtedly, the most exciting part of WWDC was keynote . When Craig Federighi took over to stir us with his 10 pointers. It included almost everything that we love about iPhone. My personal favorites are updates in iMessage, Extension and Enhancement in face detection API.

Another exciting update: Siri Kit. I have been waiting for this one. I have worked on projects where we spend money over Nuance Dragon and other voice interpretation platform. And believe me I never want to spend money on it. I have always been hoping for a better and native solution from Apple on and Siri Kit might be the answer to it. Although Sirikit Video, didn’t mention that we can integrate and trigger Siri from within our application to understand voice command And It will be really disappointing if we can’t have that feature because it would not change much for us as coders.

When Tyler Fox presented Peek at 3D touch and introduced Home Screen Quick Actions, I said to myself, “this is the feature I want implement in my next application”. Giving user option to perform his favorite action of the application from dock, which is cool. Best part of this, it is easy as pie, I love it.

iMessages Apps is something that’ll make you happy too. That thing about ready to ship emoticon application is going to change the emoticon application’s world. Now anyone with graphic designing experience or a friend who has that experience, can have their emoticon application. Those might not get as popular as Kimoji, but you can share a similar platform that’s all what’s worth.

Not only that, now you can integrate iMessage within your application. And that is a big relief for all who have their application only for iOS platform and want to integrate messaging in their application. This provides awesome iMessage UI and message sending experience. This also comes with message store which will feature messaging application in it. Clicking on applications will lead user to get/purchase the application. So for example, you send a message from your application to your friend. Your friend doesn’t have same application, which you are using. The iMessage app will show a link to that application inside the message bubble. Friend can click on it which will lead him to download the application and create app specific response.

Most of these features are weaved around extensions that were introduced 2 years ago and now becoming an integral part of all UI/functional features.

Happy Coding!

Edit: Apple have also, launch Speech Framework with iOS 10which work on 50  different languages. And all the features are almost similar to any other Web based solutions. Though speed api also provide local recognition to a limited extent. All what I could ask form now. Thanks to lehn0058’s  answer on my query as he said, “SiriKit is for integrating with Siri outside of the context of your application. However, Apple did releases a Speech Recognition API for iOS 10 as well that sounds more like what you want. You can learn more about it in Speech Recognition API Video.