How To Create a Git Hub Repo?

How To Create a Git Hub Repo

Who should read it?
General users who want to create a new project (or document) and want to have control over the code. If you think sharing repository is becoming challenging comment. I will add the steps to share.

Programmers who want to create any project (or document). And want to keep track of the progress. I mean I can’t stress how important git is.

Step 0: Open and sign up (if not already) or, log in. Now Download GitHub Desktop (for macOS or Windows) and login to that too.

Step 1: Go Back to and choose to create New Repositor. Check the image below.


Step 2: Set the repository name. If you want to keep it local, you are in luck since last year GitHub allows a private repo even on a free account. Check the image below to understand how to set the name off the repo and make it private. Don’t add any file just yet to keep it simple.


Step 3: Now that the repo is created you can click on the Set up In Desktop option. And allow this page to open GitHub Desktop which we have already installed on our machine.


Step 4: Create local Directory (folder) where you will want to keep your code (or document). Check Image below for re


Step 5: Clicking on choose will allow you to create a new folder. Create a New Folder And name it NewRepo (or whatever you want). For reference purposes, we will name it NewRepo.


Step 6: Now That You have to Choose the folder named NewRepo select open to set this as your local repository folder.


Step 7: Once you click open this will take you back to Step 5. With the new folder, NewRepo selected as the local path.


Step 8: Check the newly pulled repo which is now connected with the remote git repository.


Step 9: Now create a new file. Or copy the ones you already have.


Step 10: Save this to the local repo folder which we have connected from the remote repo. It should be named nameOfRepo. As we created in Step2. Then move back to GitHub Repo.


Step 11: Once you go back you will see this file added to the repo. Select it commit it and then click on publish branch.


Step 12: Now that you have pushed it you can see the file updated on the repo. This can not be tracked for each update we make.


Good Luck.

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