Businesses do need a mobile application

A question that all of us ask all the time is if you need a mobile application or a web presence (a web portal or website) is sufficient !?

The answer is simple that mobile application is needed besides a web presence for all businesses and starters. But a very important question is that why has mobile presence become so important.

1. The first obvious reason is the huge number of mobile internet users across the globe which has fueled demand for mobile presence.

2. Recent studies have found that mobile internet users tend to search using keywords on Android PlayStore, Apple Store for a result than on web browsers, hence mobile applications would always be needed.

3. With some users, we found that these users might end up using the application just once but the search was on app store than on a browser.

4. With Push Notifications, you are able to reach out to your application users with anything important to you as a brand or anything important to your app users. Hence, a chance to bind with your consumers/users/audiences.

5. The importance of mobile applications can be gauged from the way e-commerce companies are pushing their users to download their apps and giving app only discounts. Global brands like amazon or regional players like Flipkart understand it. They understand the numbers that they would be able to increase their sales with a mobile application.

6. Mobile Applications are like Call to Action buttons for businesses looking to make online sales, without one the sales would be less than the competitors who have a mobile application.

7.  The chance to earn with huge downloads is comparatively more than unique visitors / traffic on your website as Google Admob pays more than Google Adword, also Advertising SDKs like Flurry and iAd and Chartboost who place their ads strategically, being clicked a lot of times and earning app users some good money.

8. App Store Optimization is comparatively easy than web optimization (SEO) . It is very new and today all applications have a good and an equal chance of becoming a success.

You can also watch out for our next article on what could be the best ways to market and advertise your idea to increase you chances of a success mobile 

Hope it helped.